Founded in 1995 and owned by the Municipality of Udine, the majority shareholder, by...


Ssm is committed to providing a service for the management of parking areas and car parks

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Ssm S.p.A. is an in house company; its purpose is to manage the parking of vehicles in the designated areas and car parks...

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The Charter of Services provides the instrument with which SSM intends to maintain a relationship with...

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Sistema Sosta e Mobilità S.p.A.

The subsidiary company established in 1995, is owned by the City of Udine, majority shareholder, the Automobile Club of Udine, the Chamber of Commerce of Udine, the City of Cividale and the City of Tarvisio.

Over the years it has developed original know-how and technical skills, thanks to increasingly qualified staff, to play an active role in improving urban sustainability.

SSM is involved in parking management,  parking payment system's development and also supports the Public Administration in the design of alternative mobility systems, such as car-sharing and car-pooling and the dissemination and logistical support of electric cars.

Udine's urban system, which includes eighteen municipalities and about 210,000 inhabitants, is spread over a large area where public transport cannot, for the moment, guarantee an extended service. Owning a car is still an indispensable element that is why the demand for parking spaces is still very high.

SSM is interested in working with the city administration, public transport operators, and citizens' associations to reduce car use in favour of public transport, walking and cycling.

SSM offers a variety of services and advice in the field of sustainable mobility:

  • parking and mobility plans, integration of mobility systems, integration and development of payment systems
  • design and management of car parks and parking areas, road signs, street furniture and bicycle parking facilities
  • tools for traffic analysis and detection
  • control and security in parking areas

Company subject to the coordination of the Municipalities of Udine, Cividale del Friuli and Tarvisio as it exercises control similar to that exercised over its services according to art. 113 of Legislative Decree no. 267/00.

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Quality in SSM

SSM is committed to providing a parking area and car park management service that is increasingly responsive, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, to the needs of citizens and the community.

The Top Management has decided to consider Quality Management and Health and Safety Management as a fundamental element for the achievement of the following strategic objectives, compatible with the context, in compliance with the requirements:

  • to promote continuous improvement;
  • achieving the expected results;
  • achieve full customer satisfaction.

To achieve the objectives mentioned above, Ssm is committed to:

  • Satisfy the applicable requirements;
  • Pursue the continuous improvement of the quality management system and the occupational health and safety system;
  • Ensure compliance with the mandatory regulations regarding health and safety at work;
  • Reduce operating costs by increasing business efficiency;
  • Reduce customer complaints;
  • Replace and improve company equipment;
  • Organise and rationalise company processes;
  • Train and develop the skills of company staff;
  • Create adequate staff involvement in the company's development and health/safety goals;
  • Involve external suppliers in company management and objectives.

To achieve and maintain a high level of quality of the products/services supplied, as well as compliance with the parameters of health and safety at work, the Top Management has decided to operate in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and the UNI-INAIL Guidelines.

ISO 9001 Certification

Since March 2005, SSM has been ISO 9001 certified.

SSM has decided to consider quality management as a fundamental element to achieve the following objectives:

  • Continuous improvement of the company's product/service;
  • Complete customer satisfaction;
  • Increased competitiveness;

To achieve and maintain a high level of quality of the products/services supplied, SSM has decided to operate in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001.

For this reason, the main principles in SSM are:

  • The quality of services and products is at the heart of every business activity;
  • Quality is achieved professionally by every staff member.
Certificate SOA

Certificate SOA It has the task of assessing the suitability of companies to participate in public tenders, based on criteria established by law.

The SOA certificate is issued by Presidential Decree 34/2000 and is mandatory for anyone carrying out public works exceeding 150,000 euros.

For amounts lower than 150,000 Euro in the absence of the SOA certificate, the contracting station has to verify the requirements by requesting all the appropriate documentation.

The SOA certificate is issued based on the work carried out in the last five years and the technical and administrative requirements of the company.

It has a duration of five years with a test at the end of the third year.
Since September 2005, SSM has owned the SOA certificate for qualification to carry out public works:

COD. SOA 02859640241

Certificate: number 21337/16/00

Category OS 10: Non-luminous road signs.

It concerns the supply, installation, maintenance or renovation as well as the execution of non-luminous, vertical, horizontal and complementary road signs.

Ranking II

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Business Ethics
  • Ssm S.p.A. is an in-house company whose purpose is the management of vehicle parking in designated areas and in parking lots in general, as well as the management of services related to parking and mobility.

    The company was established in 1995; it is based in Udine, in Piazza 1° Maggio 11.
    Its share capital is held by the Municipality of Udine, the Municipality of Cividale del Friuli and the Municipality of Tarvisio, as well as the public bodies A.C.U. and C.C.I.A.A. of Udine.

    Code of Ethics - Extract from the MOG rev. 05 of 16/05/2014 (.pdf)